Sunday, 25 November 2012

Sunday, Nov 23, 2012

helow i'm rizka... this is my first blog :) i never creat blog before cause i don't understand!
before i tell you why i creat this blog i want talking about my self. I'm 18yearsold, live in most crowded areas in Indonesia, i'm a only child, i student in STMT Trisakti. Okay it's about me.

i've short story when i first in my class in college. i see a boy he's tall white skin handsome cool

reserved. i always watcher him, i think he like a same with my father. after a while i feel if i've some feeling to him, i be a watcher everday everytimes, i never forget him in my mind, he the only one in my mind my soul and my heart. but when he know if i love him, he far away from me hmm...
altought i know if he faraway to me i never can to forgot him, never hate.
even more I fell in love with her​​. sometimes i think if a herohe want i can save him,
that I loved her more than myself. I just pray and hope one thing that I want him to realize that I was here there was a very loving Roebert...